Precision Industries


I just got my Vigilante 2800 Stall converter installed by DRW.

All I can say is OH SHIT!!

This is the best mod I have done. This thing takes off like a rocket. Takes care of the dead spots at around 40 and 70.
I am going to need to get some Nittos, because I can't floor it like I used to do. :) Also going to have to get some SFC's quick. Or else I am going to twist up my body.

The driveability on the street will take getting used to. Taching at 2000 - 3000 when taking off is weird. But the performance is great!

The only thing I don't like is how it shifts. Not hard anymore. Going to bump up the firmness with the HPP and see if that helps. Now I know why you should get a shift kit or a HPP.


Nittos are installed. Great combo with the TC. I can get the jump on all my friends.

HyperTech helped on firming up the shifts.

Now that I have driven the car for a while. The Vig 2800 is a mild converter. Wished I went with a Vig 3200.